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The 1920 sequels are getting worse day by day and the recent one is strong enough to prove the belief.  While its former parts still had promising story lines, this one indeed has no scope of horror with its non-sense streams of unplanned terror and un-dedicated delivery of the eerie feeling. While Sharman and Meera had remarked that it is not as easy job to do a horror film but no wonder we agree it is neither an easy job to bring in a comic realm in a haunted movie. The best source to get 1920 London movie download is here. Well, 1920 can be tagged nothing more than a comedy wrapped in the package of a horror flick.


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To make it more convincing, let’s come down to the storyline of the flick. While Meera gets married with Vishal, they obtain a necklace from their native place of Rajasthan. However the necklace contained some unlucky charm and no wonder, Meera’s husband became a victim of its weird spell. A daayan or more precisely a witch possesses his soul and his series of strange, irrational behavior start unrolling. Meera is in desperate search for a savior and here we have Sharman Joshi making his entry as the exorcist in the film. Well, Sharman apart from his savior role also turns out to be the ex of the adorable Meera.

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However despite the recurrent attempts and forced struggles to voice out the helplessness, neither Sharman nor the gorgeous Meera could create the eerie ambiance. Sharman being a veteran actor should not have offered another backlog to his doomed career with the pick of such a story line. With all the blood stains and unwanted rantings, Sharman could not deliver an inch of justice to his exorcist persona. Jai aka Sharman seems to be too confused with what he is doing and all of his efforts are only the comic reliefs that keep on coming in and out between the entries of the ghostly figure.

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The most interesting thing for which 1920, the third member in the family must be given a watch is the ghost. When you see her, the initial thought that strikes that why has she been dabbed on with so much make ups. Nowhere can she evoke an inch of fear in the viewers. Start your 1920 London Full Movie Download from here. Even a child would take her as an overdressed joker struggling to make a horror impact desperately with her growls and tirades.


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Unfortunately 1920, the third one down the line can nowhere rewind us to the days of its parent flick. Hope the Bhatt productions prepare a much better fear setting next time.


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